Saturday, 1 April 2017

5 Reasons You Should Replace Your Water Purifier With Alkaline RO Water Purifier

You may have bought a water purifier during offer season and feel that it perfectly purifies the water. But this is not the case every time. Many water purifiers that claim to be the best in the market are just marketing hoax. Many researchers have found that a purifier cannot be called the best until it purifies and maintains the essential minerals.
Here are 5 reasons you should replace your ordinary water purifier with alkaline RO water purifier.

1. It is making your water acidic
Many people believe that alkaline RO water makes the water acidic. If you are one of them, then you must think again. Not an Alkaline RO Water Purifier, but the ordinary ones make the water acidic. Even after drinking water, you feel acid contents in your body, you must replace your water purifier. An alkaline RO water purifier doesn’t increase the amount of acid in your water, but it maintains the acidic level.

2. It doesn’t purify dissolved impurities
Water can contain many impurities and most of them cannot be seen through naked eyes. To eliminate such impurities that include, but are not limited to chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, and fluoride, you must take proper actions and an alkaline RO water purifier can help you get the same. Many ordinary water purifiers claim to give you pure drinking water in which you can’t see a single impurity, but what about the contaminants that can only be seen through microscope?
3. It doesn’t use the right filtration method
With the rise of awareness about pure water, many companies started manufacturing water purifiers in India. But, not all of them equally work. An ordinary purifier doesn’t use the right methods of purification, while on the other hand, an alkaline RO water purifier gives you double to triple purification guarantee without damaging the quality, color and taste of water.

4. Costly maintenance
An ordinary water purifier not only brings health issues to your loved ones, but it also damages your budget badly. Some purifiers are available at cheap rates in market, but the buyers end up spending on their maintenance. If your water purifier needs frequent visits to the service center, then it’s time to replace it with a high quality alkaline RO water purifier.
5. Poor service support
Those amateur companies don’t know how to provide top-notch customer support. Many water purifier companies sell the product and forget taking feedback from their customers. In such cases, chasing the seller and their support team becomes a hectic job. And it not only makes you sad, but it also affects your health and wallet at the same time.

So, if you are facing the above mentioned problems, it is better if you find a trusted alkaline RO water purifier company such as Blue Mount. You can find a variety of products there and can choose the one suitable for your needs.

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